Nurse sings ‘Amazing Grace’ to colleagues working tirelessly in fight against COVID-19

A nurse was asked by her fellow health care workers at a Michigan hospital to sing '“Amazing Grace” as the staff prepared for a long and difficult shift treating patients with COVID-19. 

St. Marcy Mercy Livonia Hospital, located 22 miles west of Detroit, posted a video on Facebook which showed nurse Lori Marie Key singing the beautifully hopeful song to her colleagues during the staff’s morning meeting. 

Key also posted the video on her Facebook page, saying, “This week on our floor has been CRAZY.”

“We need the Lord's Grace and Mercy during this time. Stay home if you don't need to leave the house. Pray for the sick and health care workers at risk for this disease,” Key wrote. 

“Thank you, Lori, for your beautiful initiative to raise your fellow colleagues' spirits as you fight tirelessly on the front lines of COVID-19,” wrote the hospital.