Obama urges Florida voters to support Democrats

Former President Barack Obama told attendees at a Friday campaign event for Florida's Democratic candidates that democracy can't work when words stop having meaning.

Obama encouraged a crowd of about 3,000 to vote for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and others during the event in Miami.

"We need leaders who will actually stand up for what's right, regardless of party," Obama said. "Leaders who represent the best of the American spirit. Patriots who will stand up for anyone whose fundamental rights are at stake."

Obama warned voters not to get bamboozled by misinformation while Republicans allow polluters to poison the environment, give tax cuts to billionaires and take health care away from millions.

"It's like the con where a door-to-door salesman says you need a security system while his buddy sneaks in the back and steals your stuff," Obama said. "But it's not just the practical effect in terms of policy. When words stop meaning anything, when truth doesn't matter, when people can just lie with abandon, democracy can't work."

Besides encouraging Democrats to vote, Obama also tried to bring Republicans to his side.

"It shouldn't be Democratic or Republican to say we're not going to target certain groups based on what they looked like or how they pray," Obama said. "It shouldn't be Democrat or Republican to know that climate change is real and threatens our futures and our kids' futures."

During Obama's speech, a protester shouted that Obama should "denounce ANTIFA" - the protesters who square off against neo-Nazis. Obama responded by citing anger among Trump supporters despite their candidate's win, and asked, "Why are they so mad?"

That protester and two others were escorted out of the venue.

Obama drew boos from critics, but they were silenced by supporters who chanted "Obama" and "Bring it Home!"