'Odd Pod': Manatee swims alongside pod of dolphins

A group of dolphins and a lone manatee appeared to be the best of friends

Michael McCarty, with the See Through Canoe Company, was recording as the Florida natives swam together for several minutes.

McCarthy posted his video of the encounter on the See Through Canoe Facebook page, saying in all his years of observing wildlife, this moment was a first for him.

"Although dolphins and manatees often share the same waters in Florida, in over 30 years of observations I've never seen them give each other more than a passing glance before this," he wrote. "The odd pod looked like they had been swimming together for a while, it was not a brief encounter. The pod swam in together to the area I was canoeing, and when they left about an hour later they left together. When the dolphins got too far ahead of the manatee, they seemed to pause and wait for the manatee to catch up."