Odessa man fatally shoots relative trying to break into home, deputies say

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A man was fatally shot after attempting to break into a family member's home in Odessa, officials said.

Before midnight on Wednesday, Hillsborough County deputies received a report about the deadly shooting in the 10000 block of Grove Lane. According to the resident, he admitted to shooting someone who tried to break into his home, deputies said.

The shooter said the alleged burglar broke a glass window located at the back of the home, got into a confrontation with him, and was shot, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.  

Soon, deputies learned there has been trouble between those relatives in the past. 

"There is a history of domestic violence at this residence," said Major Frank Losat with the sheriff's office. "We have calls for service at this residence. We haven't dug deep into those reports in this early hour."

Officials have not elaborated on the relationship between the shooter and deceased male. Their identities have not been released.  There were three other adults inside the home at the time: an elderly female relative and two friends of the shooter, officials said.

Authorities said they will consult with the state attorney's office to determine whether the ‘Stand Your Ground' law applies in this situation. No arrests have been made.