Officials tight-lipped about forensic investigation in Kenneth City

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Police in St. Petersburg say a "substantial tip" has led them to search a pond at 71st Street N and 52nd Avenue N in Kenneth City.

It's just a few feet away from the former home of Jacobee Flowers, who is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend in 2012.

Police never found her body.

St. Petersburg police are remaining very tight-lipped about what they are searching for.

Investigators are not saying whether the search is connected to the disappearance and murder of 17-year-old Morgan Martin.

Police crime scene tape can be seen in the backyard of flower's old home.

St. Petersburg police drained and searched with K9s and metal detectors.

Flowers was indicted in 2016 on murder charges. He allegedly killed her because he didn't want anyone to know he impregnated an underage girl.

A neighbor, who didn't want her identity know, thinks she saw Flowers attempting to destroy evidence. She's been interviewed by police.

"When everything went on years ago, we saw a lot of strange things happening," the woman said.

The entire neighborhood is watching, hoping for closure.

At the scene, a blue tent with air conditioning units attached has been constructed, possibly indicating investigators anticipate a long investigation at that location.