Oklahoma state trooper avoids head-on collision with semi

A trooper with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol avoided colliding with a semi as the truck driver attempted to pass other vehicles in a no passing zone.

Officials said the close call occurred Tuesday around 4: 50 p.m. Trooper David Hamilton was heading about a mile south of where SH59A and SH3W meet. OHP said the area has several fatal crashes in the past year and a half.

The agency released the trooper's dashcam video showing the semi in Hamilton's lane of traffic. Officials said the driver of the semi was attempting to pass at least two vehicles in a no passing portion of the road. Trooper Hamilton veered off the road before turning around and pulling the semi over.

Officials said the driver was apologetic and polite. He was cited and "encouraged to follow the traffic laws to ensure everyone has a safe holiday season."

There were no injuries.