Oklahoma woman hit with taser after refusing to sign ticket and fleeing police

A 65-year-old woman was hit with a taser and arrested in Cashion, Oklahoma, on July 17, after refusing to sign an $80 ticket for a broken tail light, fleeing from the police officer, and reportedly trying to kick him during her arrest.

In footage captured from the officer's bodycam, the woman tells the officer that she had been driving her damaged vehicle for approximately six months and was looking for a "short bed" to install. She becomes irate when presented with the ticket, refuses to sign it, and then drives away when the officer repeatedly tells her to step out of the vehicle to place her under arrest.

After she was apprehended, and she's lying on the ground, the officer asks her, "Why didn't you just sign the damn ticket?"

She responds, "Because I thought you'd be fair with me because I had been in town forever with this thing up and [unintelligible] did a damn thing for me."

Footage from the officer's bodycam shows that the woman refused treatment but was evaluated by EMTs at the scene of the arrest. Reports said she was taken to the hospital.

In the press release accompanying this footage, Cashion Police confirmed: