One dead in Tampa apartment homicide

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Tish Bardin's has a visible black eye that sources say comes from the latest beating  at the hand of her boyfriend Brian Vessel

But early this morning it all came to a violent end.

Hillsborough Sheriff  investigators say Tish's 22 year old son Tyler Bardin shot and killed Vessel during a heated argument.

Neighbor Demetrius Norflett, who  lives next door heard constant arguing and fighting.

He says just before the shooting at one in the morning,  he heard Brian Vessel say, "you want some of me?" that was followed by three gunshots.

Norflett said he immediately went to check on his four kids to make sure they were okay.

Hillsborough Sheriff Colonel Donna Lusczynski responded to the scene, "we found our victim deceased in front the residence he was shot multiple times, she added, then did a search of the residence make sure there was no other victims at which point they came in contact with a 100 pound pitbull inside the residence, " said Colonel Lusczynski.    

Neighbor Danielle Wilder woke up raddled, "we heard more shots and we crawled through the room and turned off all the lights, " said Wilder.

Detectives say Vessel was dead and Tyler hid from deputies in the apartment. At one point he tried to sneak out the back patio but the SWAT team was able to make contact with him without any incident.

On his Facebook page, Tyler  appears to be a  a big fan of the movie Scarface, but has never been in trouble with the law before.

That's not the case for Vessel who  has a long criminal history that includes burglaries and a number of traffic violations.

On Vessel's Facebook page, he proudly displays his love and admiration for pitbulls.

Sources say Tish was in an abusive relationship with Vessel for 10 years but some reason protected him. But recently, sources say Tish's son Tyler,  moved in with his mother to protect her.

Now Tish's boyfriend is dead and her son is the shooter, but so far no charges have been filed.

Detectives say this could end up being a self defense case, "it possibly could be that's why we need to interview him and been trying to contact him to get his side, " said Colonel Lusczynski.