O'Neal writes new motions to judge in murder case

Murder defendant Ronnie O'Neal is used to speaking his mind in court. He once told a judge the media was making him look bad.

“Making me out to be a menace to society, making false allegations and accusations before there is a thorough investigation,“ said O’Neal.

Even when he's told not to, O'Neal puts his thoughts in writing.

For instance, a letter last year asked a judge to bar his young son, who is the only surviving vicitm in O'Neal's alleged attack, from testifying against him.

Now O'Neal has entered another handwritten motion, asking for a new attorney.

It comes on the heels of a recent clash in court with one of his public defenders. O'Neal asked the judge for a 'stand your ground' immunity hearing, but his attorney didn’t want to go in that direction. 

In the 31-page motion, O'Neal claimed his attorney is "ineffective" and violated his rights and due process. O'Neal says he wanted a 'stand your ground hearing' to prove he is the victim.

"The mother of my children [Kenyatta Barron] went insane and attacked and murdered our daughter and attempted to murder our son and myself before setting the house on fire, when I stood my ground in protection of the lives of my children and my own life," O'Neal wrote. 

However, prosecutors say O'Neal killed Barron and his 9-year-old daughter, and tried to kill his son, Ronnie Jr. The eight-year-old suffered a collapsed lung, stab wounds that exposed his intestines and serious burns.

Ronnie Jr. spoke to detectives from his hospital bed about the horror he witnessed that day.

“Mom went into the room with my sister. She was just on the ground. She couldn’t speak or do anything and he kept just hitting her with an ax, “ said Ronnie Jr.

In August, Hillsborough Circuit Court Judge Michelle Sisco plans to hear O’Neals motions.