Only 9 and already diving with sharks

It's an adventure Gianna Suszynski and her dad Nick have looked forward to for three years: Swimming with sharks.

Tuesday was her birthday today, so the outgoing and confident 9-year-old was celebrating by swimming with her father at the Florida Aquarium. 

"It’s a little scary but then I got used to it and it was really fun," Gianna said.

"She's the bravest little girl I ever know," offered her father. "She fearless, she's been wanting to swim with sharks since she was 6 years old."

Gianna is making Florida Aquarium history by being one of the youngest people ever to swim with the sharks. 

Gianna loves wildlife and never passes up a chance like this. "I really like marine life and it’s fun to like be with." 

"It helps people get enriched in the exhibit and learn about what's going on," said Tim Stripling with the Florida Aquarium. "They can see the animals, conquer any fears, maybe check off something on their bucket list."

For Gianna, it’s an investment in her future plans to be a marine biologist. "I think it’s really cool,” she added.