Oregon sea otters roll around in ice to cool off

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It was a hot enough day in Oregon where sea otters needed to cool off – in kiddie pools filled with ice.

On Thursday, the Orezon Zoo, located in Portland, shared video on their Facebook page of the adorable sea otters, named Eddie, Juno and Lincoln, rolling and sticking their noses into the piles of ice.

The zoo wrote, "Better set your AC to ottermatic today," in the Facebook post.

Eddie was born in 1998 and found abandoned as a pup, according to zoo officials. He arrived to Oregon Zoo in June 2000 from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Juno was found stranded on the California coast as a pup in 2014. Lincoln arrived at Oregon Zoo in December 2017 when he was about two weeks old, and has been keeping his older otter friends active. 

The Oregon Zoo says sea otters are endangered. They are protected from hunting, but their populations are still threatened by oil spills, fishing nets and diseases.