Orlando attorney offers to fix state's broken unemployment system for free

Many Floridians trying to get help through the state's unemployment system have voiced anger and frustration over what Governor Ron DeSantis described as a system that "just totally broke."

With that said, Orlando attorney John Morgan has offered to help DeSantis fix the problem.

"Right now our unemployment system in Florida is broken!! Here’s an offer to the state of Florida and @GovRonDeSantis that cannot be refused!" Orlando attorney John Morgan tweeted on Tuesday.

In a video, Morgan says he will recover the $77 million that was spent to build the unemployment system,  for free.

"You know what I'll charge you to do this? Zero. Nothing. Put every single penny back in your pocket and in the pocket of the unemployed." 

Morgan went on to say that whoever sold the system to the state "ripped us off" and sold us "a lemon."

In a Zoom call with FOX 35 News on Wednesday, Morgan said that in his career as an attorney he's never received so many calls from potential clients about a single issue.

He believes rather than going for a class action or individual lawsuits, the best option in this case is to approach the situation the same way he would with a 'lemon law' vehicle. 

Morgan believes, that way, all Floridians can get compensation for a system he feels was broken from day one.

"How did they get the contract? Was it put out to bid? Are they political donors? Why is it not working?" said Mogan.

DeSantis on Monday ordered an investigation into how the state ended up with a faulty unemployment website that he has previously described as a clunker.

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The state signed a $40 million contract in March 2011 with Deloitte to build the system, but ended up spending $77.9 million after 14 contract amendments. 

Morgan says he's ready to go to work.

"Let's get this money back. Let's put it back in the people's pockets of Florida. Free legal. For the people."

FOX 35 News reached out to Gov. DeSantis's office for comment on Morgan's offer, but we haven't heard back yet.