Otter pup finds home at Oregon Zoo

A sea otter pup rescued in California is taking up residence at the Oregon Zoo.

The pup was rescued in late October in Morro Bay Harbor, California at less than two weeks old, and moved into the zoo on Friday. 

The pup is simply known as “805” for now, assigned to him by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s rescue and care program. The otter could not be paired with a surrogate mother, so the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service deemed him non-releasable. 

It weighs 14 pounds at about two months old.  He also has started grooming himself, though his caregivers still need to help him, and he eats a seafood diet, both signs he’s doing well in his new home, the zoo said.

“Right now he definitely has a preference for shrimp,” said Oregon Zoo marine life keeper Sara Morgan in a press release. “He seemed insulted when I tried to offer him squid.”

Zoo visitors should expect to see the young otter in January when he joins the adult sea otters.