Overcoming the "election loss blues"

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After all of the votes are counted Tuesday night, roughly about half the country,  will be feeling quite a bit of disappointment.

Many voters have become invested in their candidate and some will not be happy about the outcome of the presidential election.

“She's got a wealth of experience,” said Ron Miller a Hillary Clinton supporter.

“I love that he's ready to change America,” said Candace Donaldson, a Donald Trump supporter.

So who better to break down winning and losing than a former NFL player?  We reached out to former Buccaneer Anthony Becht.  “The biggest loss in my career was in 2004 when we got the second round of the playoffs,” he said.

Anthony Becht played 12 seasons in the NFL.  “Whether it’s the team that wins the champions or the person that wins the election I think you have to keep an open mind,” he said.

He says often times we learn more from defeat than victory. 

“Like these candidates that are out there they'll be able to look back and say how can I get better from this,” Becht told FOX 13.

And perhaps we the people can do the same.

“We’re still American we have to deal with their policies and whatever happens, we hope everyone can get along,” said Donaldson.