Overnight fire uncovers marijuana grow house

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What started as a house fire investigation early Wednesday morning has since turned into a massive grow house bust.

Hillsborough County, Tampa and Temple Terrace Fire Rescue crews were called to a home in the 4400 block of Perch Street- just one block from Robles Elementary School -shortly before 2 a.m. over reports of a fire.

They said heavy smoke and flames were coming from the back of the home, and that it took them nearly an hour to get things under control.

No one was there at the time the fire started, and investigators were looking into the cause when they stumbled upon an estimated 400 pounds of marijuana in the home.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies were called to the scene, and have since said they removed a total of 15 plants – some of them six feet tall – from inside. The stash is estimated to be worth $1 million.

It is unclear who lives in the home, but neighbors said they were shocked, adding that one of the residents may have been battling cancer.

Neighbors also said they believed lightning was the cause of the fire, but investigators have not yet confirmed.

Several officials remain at the scene, including undercover deputies who are wearing masks to protect their identities, as the cleanup and the investigation continues.

FOX 13 will have updates on this developing story.