Oxford Exchange shoeshiner is much more than polish

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The Oxford Exchange is known for many things. It hosts events large and small and is home to a book store, co-working space, European-inspired coffee house and delicious food.

But we're shining a light on a lesser-known, but no less important feature of the iconic Tampa venue - the shoe-shining station.

That's where Jimmie Marshall helps brighten people's days with bright, shiny footwear. 

Marshall has been putting his sparkling touch on Oxford Exchange customers' shoes for more than three years. He's become a familiar face for regulars.

"My shine takes about a total of 12 minutes," Marshall told us.

But he does much more than buff your scuffs.

"That involves shining shoes, repairing, doing leather bags, purses, and things of that nature," he added.

Marshall says he polishes more than 12 pairs of shoes a day.

"It takes care to do it correctly," he says. "You got to love what you do."

Marshall says he enjoys his work and can't see himself doing anything else.