Painting in the dark has never been more colorful

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Step into the Gasparilla Room at Pinot’s Palette in Brandon and you might think you’ve stepped into the 1970s.  This newly renovated space has been done up to turn the lights down and let the black lights take over. 

Painting in the dark is a growing craze in the paint-and-sip world.  Guests are still guided step by step by a stage artist – but here, as the paint hits the canvas, it begins to glow. 

Co-owners Beverly and Dennis Walker plan to host painting-in-the-dark classes on a monthly basis. However if they classes are popular enough they plan to offer weekly sessions.  

“Cool, but do the paintings look terrible in regular light?” you might be asking.  Check out the video aove to see for yourself.  

Pinot’s Palette
2086 Badlands Dr., Brandon, FL