Palmetto tech company help visually impaired read drug labels

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A family-owned company in Palmetto, Florida is using technology to make products to help the blind live more independently.

En-Vision America was born in 1996 when David B. Raistrick created a way to barcode playing cards for his visually impaired uncles.

“He thought there has to be a better way to do this and he developed a little program on a laptop,” the company’s Sales Director, Amanda Tolson said.

Raistrick began the company when they barcoded all of the playing cards so his uncles could play independently.

According to Tolson, “That’s what started the ID Mate which is our bar code scanner. At that time there was nothing else like it and people were just so excited when it came out.”

This family didn’t stop there, now they have a product called ScriptAbility that helps the visually impaired read prescription labels. The process starts with a pharmacist creating a radio frequency label and programs all the text information of the prescription onto a label.

Tolson explains, then the user gets a free script talk in their home and by placing the bottle on it they can scan it and it reads everything on it.

“Anything on the product package will be read out loud,” Tolson said.

Also, users can create their own labels helping them with commonly found products in the home.

“They can safely identify any product in their home, tell the difference between a cleaner and a shampoo,” Tolson said.

It will also help with expiration dates on foods and even to distinguish clothing.

“Everybody strives to make sure anybody can live independently and safely in their own home.”