Parents accused of abusing daughter-in-law ask to leave the state

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An elderly couple from India, Jasbir and Bhupinder Kalsi appeared docile and meek as they gingerly asked a judge to changed the conditions of their bond Thursday so they can stay with relatives in Maryland.

The couple is accused of helping their son beat up his wife.

Investigators say the Kalsis flew to the U.S. from India to help their son, Devbir Kalsi with his "disobedient" wife.

The Kalsis are accused of constant beatings which left their daughter-in-law and mother of their grandchild badly bruised all over her body.

Investigators say, at one point they held a knife to the woman's throat.

Detectives say the abuse did not extend to their grand baby.

In court Thursday, the Kalsis asked for the condition of their bond to be changed.

Their attorney, Maj Vasigh says they have been living in a hotel room in Hillsborough County since the incident and now want permission to stay with relatives in Maryland.

But prosecutor Christine Brown said it would not be a good idea for them to leave the state.

"What's to stop them from jumping bail and fleeing to Canada?" she asked the judge. "We have come to learn that they have significant ties to Canada and, early on, they were wanting to go to Canada but ultimately everyone agreed they would not take that trip."

Vasigh says there's nothing to worry about.

"They're being monitored by Homeland Security, by the State of Florida, they don't have passports at this point," he pointed out.

The judge felt comfortable the Kalsis would not try to elude authorities so he decided to allow the Kalsis to travel out of the state.

The couple is supposed to check in with law enforcement in the area to give them all the contact information necessary for court officials to keep track of them.