Parents continue battle to discontinue chemotherapy treatments for son's cancer

The legal tug of war over 3-year-old Noah McAdams' medical treatment wages on in Tampa courts.

Noah was diagnosed with leukemia and immediately began chemotherapy. After two treatments, his parents, Joshua McAdams and Taylor Ball wanted to try other treatments, however, a court ordered them to finish the chemo.

When they failed to show up for his court-ordered appointment at All Children's Hospital April 22, authorities started looking for them. They were found in Kentucky.

Days later, a Tampa judge gave temporary custody to Noah's maternal grandmother while the court decides the best way forward.

"I do feel it's prolonging Noah's health and I feel like he needs to receive the treatment we were really pushing for," said Noah's mother, Taylor Ball.

On Tuesday, citing privacy concerns, the media was kicked out of a hearing. But McAdams' attorney, Michael Minardi says their legal fight is far from over.

"There are many studies that indicate that cannabis creates and causes cell death of cancer without the harmful side effects," said Minardi. 

A hearing on Noah’s treatment continues Wednesday morning. The judge will finish hearing testimony from a doctor from All Children’s Hospital. The McAdams' attorney says a medical doctor with a background in cannabis treatments will also testify. The judge is expected to rule after the hearing.