Parents react to school bus crash charges

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Some parents want more transparency from the Hillsborough County School District following a school bus crash that has left many kids constantly reliving the incident.

"We are putting our blind trust in the school bus service with the assumption that they're going to be taking our kids to school safely and back, and that's clearly not been the case," Krishna Sadasivam said.

His seven-year-old daughter was on board the bus when it sped past a security guard shack and crashed into a retention pond outside The Eagles Community Thursday afternoon.

"My daughter does not want to sleep in her own room. She does not want to ride the bus. I've had to pick her up and drop her off everyday since this incident," Sadasivam said.

He's not alone.

Many of his neighbors whose kids were also on the bus want complete access to fleet maintenance and condition reports along with bus driver records.

"I'm a tax-paying citizen. I'm paying for what I consider to be safe transportation, but that's not happening," Sadasivam said.

Another neighbor - who's also an attorney - plans to explore legal action to make sure this doesn't happen again.