Pasco Co. declaring a State of Emergency

Pasco County emergency managers have declared a retroactive state of emergency to help aide with relief efforts from recent flooding. 

The move is mainly procedural, the declaration allowing the county to line up for possible state or federal funds. It'll also allow the county the skirt red tape and spend money immediately to repair damage. 

Annette Doying, emergency operations manager, says the county got more rain last week than a previous record during Tropical Storm Debby. 

The Anclote River flooded, leaving nearby Elfers and Trinity overflowing with standing water. 

Officials say many roads week damaged as a result of the flooding, which will cost at least a million dollars to repair. 

"We have approximately 50 roads that were county maintained asphalt roads last week some of which are now dirt roads. They've been completely destroyed," said Mike Garrett, public works director. 

The county is still totaling other damages, which are expected to increase. 

Emergency managers warned that more rain over the weekend could leave the county susceptible to flooding again.