Pasco County gator caught in front yard

There is more proof that gator mating season is heating up in Florida, which one more trapped in front of a Pasco County home.

Missy Allen Bradburn has lived in Florida for 10 years, and never seen one in the wild, much less close to her Land O’ Lakes home in the Asbel Creek and Estates neighborhood. She took her dog out into their backyard Monday when she heard police and neighbors in her front yard loudly chatting about calling a trapper. 

She screamed at them, “Did you say there is an alligator in my yard?”

Yes, there was, they responded. A neighbor told her was at her front door. FWC told her the alligator was 6 feet, 8 inches long. Bradburn told FOX 13 she was grateful she didn’t step into her front yard, or that the gator didn’t slide under her fence.

"I came out front to see it caught, since I've never seen one before," she explained. "It was big!"

She recorded video on her cell phone of the capture and shared it on Facebook, writing, “This gator was by my front door this morning!!!! 10 yrs never seen one. So I decided to share the capture live. Lol. Thank you Pasco Sheriff Dept for your quick response and corporal Scott Keener for assisting with the catch !”