Pasco County group recreates Woodstock experience, 50 years later

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From the Apollo 11 moon landing to the ongoing war in Vietnam that sparked protests, 1969 marked a turning point in American history. But it was a three-day music festival in August of that year at a farm in Bethel, New York that would define the '60s hippie era.

It was called Woodstock.

"So many people decided they were going to take a trip up to Max Yasgur's farm and spend three days in the outdoors, regardless of the conditions, and love each other and show the world what peace and love was about," said Kevin, a fan of the music.

More than 400,000 flocked to the dairy farm, despite rainy conditions, to see some of the biggest acts at the time.

Fast forward to 2019, a much smaller crowd gathered in the rain in Sims Park in New Port Richey to revisit the Age of Aquarius through a group called Peace of Woodstock.

"I had the idea of this, which everybody laughed, but it became a success,” said founder Brad Trumbull.

Singer and guitarist Bill Daniel, drummer Brent Martin, and singer Jennifer Torres take fans back through the music of Woodstock, from acoustic sets to Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

"It's actually reliving my first memories of music. My mother listened to this music, my father listened to this music," Martin said.

When they play, someone who went to Woodstock is usually in the crowd. During the show at Sims Park, it was Neil Connelly. He recalled similar weather conditions.

"Wet, very wet," said Connelly, recalling his favorite part of the festival. "Hendrix playing the National Anthem in the morning on Sunday. He woke everybody up."

Now, new generations are discovering the music through Peace of Woodstock.

"Their grandkids are now becoming familiar with these artists and the feeling that was happening in 1969," said Martin.

It's a musical message of peace that rocks on 50 years later.

"Three days where you can get along is a great thing. It's something we could still learn today," said guitarist Alvarro Torres.

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