Pasco County reducing bus service amid driver shortage

Beginning next week, the Pasco County Public Transportation will modify or suspend bus services on multiple routes due to a 25% decrease in the number of drivers.

The specific routes that will see changes are 20, 21, 23, and 54, according to department director Kurt Scheible. The specific changes can be found here.

"We had to make these changes so that the customer knows that if we say a bus is going to be there on time, at this time, the bus is there, so they can plan their trips accurately," said Scheible.

The county is hoping to fill the positions as soon as possible so all the bus routes can operate normally.  For those who apply, the county can help with all aspects of training, so you do not need to get a special "Class B" license beforehand.

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"We have a program in place that I could take anybody, like yourself, with zero experience at all in bus driving, and train you up to the point of being able to drive the bus, and getting your testing done, so you’ll actually be able to get a Florida license, a class B with all the required endorsements, to be a bus driver," Scheible said.

For more information on how to apply, visit this site