Pasco County residents hope the worst is over

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Pasco County couldn’t seem to get a break as Hurricane Hermine finished its assault on Florida.

The county got more heavy rain Friday and caused flood waters that started to recede, to rise even higher.

In one neighborhood off U.S.19, residents who left for work in the morning, returned to find streets leading into their neighborhood completely flooded again. Neighbors are understandably frustrated.

On Ranch Road, car after car turned around, trying to avoid the waist-deep lake that formed right in the middle of the intersection. The problem is, there's only one other road to get home and it looks just like Ranch Road.

"I can't get home! My cats are sitting at my house right now," Brandi Davis told FOX 13 News. "If you try to walk through that, it's up over your waist."

Getting home was impossible for Davis Friday evening. Rainy weather brought flood waters rushing back into her neighborhood. For some, wading through it was the only way out.

"We have very poor drainage around here. Everybody is walking through it just to get to the store and everything else,” said Jineen Sousa.

For those who tried driving, there was no shortage of stalled cars. Others learned by example.

"They try to get by, they make it half way, and then they change their mind and they back up," said Patrick Natarione.

Residents say drivers pushing their way through the flooding created more problems for them.

"Every time somebody drives by, surges go right into the house," Renee Therien told FOX 13 News.

It could take days before the area is able to dry out. More rainfall Friday was a discouraging sight.

"I'm wondering if it's going to be at my door tomorrow morning when I wake up," Sousa asked.

Residents are hoping the water will quickly flow back to nearby retention ponds and for Davis, flow out of her route home.

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"If this gets any worse, I don't know how anybody is going to get to work; I don't know how anybody is going to get anywhere. I have to work a 12-hour shift tomorrow, I don't even know if I'm going to get there," Davis said.

Residents added, the last time flooding was this bad, it took a week for the flood water to leave. They're hoping that won't be the case Friday.