Pasco dectectives are searching for camper thieves

A wave of trailer thefts has hit Pasco County. The Sheriff's Office has taken multiple reports over the past two weeks involving stolen new and used campers. One victim, Jere Bird lost his new 30 foot Coleman trailer.

”It is very disheartening,” he said. “It wrecked the summer for us.”

His $17,000 rig is one of six stolen in Pasco County over the last couple of months. It is also one of at least two taken from the Sawmill Campgrounds in Dade City. 

Although the campgrounds has security, the thieves were able to get around it. Even a locked fence wasn't able to deter these criminals. Deputies say the suspects cut the chain and placed the camper on a hitch and made off with it.

"I think this is just greed and I hope karma works itself out,” Bird said.

But the Sawmill isn't the only place hit by these ambitious thieves. No Reigns Equine, also in Dade City had a horse trailer stolen. The trailer was worth nearly $12,000 and the owners are offering a reward for help tracking it down.

Pasco Deputies do think most of the cases are connected and they are hoping with the public's help they will be hauling these trailer thieves off to jail.

“Just try to keep your stuff secured keep an eye out if you can,” said detective Kerry Kempink.