Pasco deputies help recover stolen Riverview work van

What started as a car theft turned into a cross county-car chase across the interstate. And then, a foot chase. 

Hillsborough County deputies say it all began Sunday morning.

“We got a call about a stolen vehicle out of Riverview,” said Natalia Verdina, a spokesperson with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. “Our deputies went, interviewed the victim, and found out that it was actually his work van, and that it included approximately $5,000 worth of tools.”

Deputies used the vehicle’s tracking device to locate it. By nightfall, it had been driven into Pasco County, and HCSO’s air unit was called in to help.

“Later that night, around 11:40, we were informed that it was back in the county, and that’s when our aviation unit also was called in to assist,” Verdina said.

Serving as their eye in the sky, the helicopter spotted what, on the ground, Pasco deputies could not.

“Our helicopters are equipped with state-of-the-art thermal cameras,” Verdina said. “They get a birds-eye view up from above.”

Both suspects were apprehended by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office – HCSO says a great example of teamwork.

“In the air, on the ground, our deputies are helping each other out and working with other sheriff’s offices and other law enforcement agencies in our area to get those criminals,” Verdina added.