Pasco still cleaning up from flooding

Some Pasco County residents say they feel helpless trying to clean up after significant flood damage. 

Areas like Elfers, Bass Lake and Trinity are still seeing the impacts of the near-record flooding. 

Emergency management officials announced Wednesday they are now able to move from a response stage to recovery, saying they are continuing to take stock of the damage in the county. 

Thursday county officials plan to tour the Bass Lake area with representatives from Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson's offices. They hope that will better aide them in getting federal funding for relief. 

Amy Murray lost nearly everything in her Bass Lake home when water gushed in Monday. She says nearly five feet of water covered her basement, destroying furniture and even the stairs leading to the living area. 

"The garbage can, the kitchen table was floating. All the chairs were floating," said Holly Claypole, Murray's roommate. 

Murray was cleaning up Wednesday, but says the county or disaster organizations have not offered any help. Several of her neighbors are also coping with impacts from the flood waters. 

"Every dollar is coming out of our pockets. There's no help. No nothing. We've called. We had the county commissioner down here two days ago. They said there's nothing they can do. Red Cross, FEMA, nobody's going to help us at all," Murray added. 

Evacuation orders are still in place for Elfers and Pasco is keeping its shelter open. Residents are urged to report flooding impacts to the county.