Pasco woman, 52, accused of relationship with 15-year-old

A Pasco County woman is facing serious charges after deputies say she was having a disturbing relationship with a minor.

Neighbors say she went by Coco, just like it says on the front of her home in Holiday, where 52-year-old Colette Funfrock was arrested Friday. 

"She was arrested for having sex with this 15-year-old boy,” said Kevin Doll with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. 

According to Pasco deputies, it happened twice, between November 5 and 7, and deputies say her interest didn’t stop there. 

“She said had he been 18, she would have wanted to marry him,” Doll said.

Florida law says the age of consent is 16 years old. Though Funfrock said the minor was a month away from his birthday, her age makes it illegal. 

“You have to be under the age of 23 in Florida to have sex with someone who is the age of consent, 16,” Doll said. “If you’re over 23, it would be a crime.”

Funfrock is no stranger to Pasco law enforcement. Back in April 2015, she was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. This new incident also carries a felony charge.

Neighbors, who wouldn't speak on camera to FOX 13 tell us the 15-year-old boy was a runaway Funfrock had taken in. Though the sheriff's office wouldn't confirm that, they did have this advice for the community.

"If you do know of a runaway, you should report that runaway to authorities,” Doll said. “I'm not commenting on whether this child was a runaway or not, but you may think you're helping them by taking them into your home, but that's not the case. They need to be reported to the authorities so their legal guardians know where they're at."