Pathologist casts doubt on cause of death in Ritchie case

Dr. William Anderson punched holes in the prosecution's case against Granville Ritchie Tuesday.

Anderson, a pathologist, said there was not enough evidence to support the state medical examiner's conclusion that 9-year-old Felecia Williams was raped. Anderson also told the jury Tuesday the little girl's cause of death was not strangulation. 

He said there were injuries to her neck, but also her chest, indicating someone could have pressed or kneeled on her torso. 

During cross-examination, prosecutor Scott Harmon challenged the doctor.

Harmon: So if someone grabbed her shoulders in a forcible way, like a grown man, to either shake her or move her, he could have caused those injuries, correct?

Anderson: Well, again, not necessarily a grown man.

Harmon: Well I didn't ask you about other situations. I said a grown man could have caused that, correct? 

Anderson: I indicated, in any event, an adult could have caused this.

Harmon: Alright, you don't want to say a man because the defendant is a man, right?

Anderson: No, I think you're prejudicing the case.

Ritchie is accused of raping and killing Williams. If convicted, he faces the death penalty.