Patriotic artwork honors firefighters using repurposed fire hose

Temple Terrace firefighters David Burton and Andy Muzzy make American flags from retired fire equipment.

“Guys have been making these flags in firehouses for years and years and years,” said Burton.

His first firehouse had one and he liked it so much that when he got a job at Temple Terrace fire department he created one for its firehouse.

A year later he created a few more and took them to a craft show and had such a great reaction that Firehouse Designs was born.

All of the flags are unique and come in many different sizes.

He flags are created mainly of retired fire hoses of different sizes and colors. 

They often incorporate various firefighting equipment into the flags.

“We have added axes to flags, pipe poles to flags, we have some with nozzles on them” said Muzzy.

Their imagination is the only limit to what they may incorporate into the flags.

"The American flag represents our freedom. For us here at Firehouse Designs, it is our duty, our honor, our courage to be firefighters and we are honored to take fire hoses that have been used in industry and turn them into American flags,” said Muzzy.

The flags are priced from $100 to $750.

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