Peppa Pig is finally here: Florida's next big park set to open in Winter Haven

The long-awaited Peppa Pig Theme Park is about to open. FOX 13 has gotten some sneak peeks as the park came together, and now we're seeing the final result. 

Peppa’s park is the only one of its kind, situated next to its sister park, LEGOland Florida.

"It is a fantasy. It is a place bringing to life the characters we see on TV," said Migdalia Rivera, a mom from Orlando whose toddler, Luna, says she watches Peppa Pig, "a lot of days."

Peppa is a worldwide phenomenon that is wildly popular with the littlest family members.

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Visitors will be treated to the entire Peppa Pig experience, with lots of Florida theme park touches, including the Muddy Puddles Splash Pad, Granddad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride, Grampy Rabbit’s Boat Adventure, Mister Bull’s High Striker, and Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster.

"The perfect roller coaster for preschoolers," said Nick Miller, operations manager for the park. "Because it is only 14 feet tall."

All the rides and attractions are scaled down for the very young. They’re fun, but not scary.

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Along with the rides, Peppa’s crew has whipped up some new menu items, including what is projected to be most popular: the Muddy Puddles Milkshake, made from chocolate ice cream, Oreos, and a number of secret ingredients, topped off with a giant chocolate chip cookie and whipped cream.

Along with the fun, the park is offering a safe space for families struggling with autism.

It has developed a guide that sketches out how loud or jarring an attraction may be so that parents can decide whether to let their kids go on it or not.

The park is a certified autism center, so the staff also has special training.

Peppa Pig Theme Park officially opens February 24, next Thursday.

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