PERMA: Five steps to happiness

You may have success in career, marriage and family. But are you happy?

Tampa psychologist Ashley Vigil-Otero says true happiness can be found in a simple acronym: PERMA, developed by positive psychologist Martin Seligman.

"P is for positive emotion, happiness and joy doing things that really kind of recharge you," Vigil-Otero explained. 

The E stands for engagement. "Maybe it's a new hobby, maybe it's as simple as music that really fills you up," she said. 

The R is for relationships.  "Friendships, and even their marital relationships, that can be a buffer as far as poor medical outcomes and can really make a lasting difference to one's mood and wellbeing."

M stands for meaning.  "It could come from their children. That's a natural one that can be really meaningful. A lot of people have spirituality as well," Vigil-Otero explained.

Lastly, A is for achievement. "Achievement in their work, but other people could actually do volunteer work or join something where they feel like they're making a difference in some way."

In the end, she says, look at three other letters: Y-O-U. 

"It feels good to get a gold star. It feels good to be loved and respected by others, but we also need to work on our relationships with ourselves."