Pet product industry booms, high-end brands and pet hotels

From pet pampering to pet strollers, the sky is the limit when it comes to your fur baby.

"If you went back to the 1970s our dogs lived in the backyards. Now they are truly part of our family," said Denise Wolin, the CEO of Royal Pets Market & Resort in Tampa.

Photo: Dog at Royal Pets Market & Resort

Even designers like Gucci are creating high-end products for those fancy cats and dogs.

"The whole pet industry has really changed both financially in size, but what our pet parents are choosing to purchase for their pets today," said Wolin.

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Along with indestructible toys and decorative treats, pet owners are looking for good quality food and supplements for health and longevity.

Photo: Dog treats

"About 31% of millennials have pets. They want organic foods, they want the same supplementations that they take," said Wolin.

And it's not just what they eat but how they eat. There are bowls designed to help with digestive issues for those fast eaters. 

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There are calming shirts, beds for anxiety and interactive games to work their minds.

"So that helps them because the pet is thinking. The pet is using energy," explained Wolin.

Photo: Royal Pets Market & Resort prices

All-inclusive businesses like hers are expanding. They are offering one-stop shop services like veterinary care, day care and even a comfortable place to stay while their owners are away.

"We have a 5-star pet hotel. Our villas and chateaus have video cameras so the pet parent can see their pet, said Wolin. "Where other industries decline, the pet industry actually increases."

Photo: Dogs playing inside

Spoiling pets may get expensive but what owners say they get in return is priceless.

"That unconditional love is amazing and people want and need that. There's nothing like that bond that you get from your pet," shared Wolin.