Pinellas County gives breweries permission to open

Leaders in Pinellas County have given the green light for breweries to reopen -- with restrictions, of course. 

Breweries will be allowed to operate if it has a food truck or restaurant associated with it. They can use their outdoor seating area, but indoor seating must be restricted to a maximum of 50% capacity. Social distancing guidelines must be followed.

Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis announced he will announce the state's "next steps." On Friday morning, many weren't sure if that announcement meant moving onto phase two of his plan, which would have included the opening of bars. Instead, the governor announced that gyms can open, leaving brewery owners in a bind.

Within a few hours of DeSantis' announcement, some Pinellas County breweries launched a social media campaign for supporters to contact the city and state.

Pinellas County made its announcement Tuesday morning to allow breweries to reopen. It's unclear if other counties will follow suit.

On Monday, the county also announced, based on their interpretation of the governor's order, that movie theaters, massage and tattoo parlors can reopen too.