Pinellas County shop teacher leads by example

David Jones has a big fan club in his shop class at the Calvin Hunsinger School in Clearwater.

"He's hands-down one of the best teachers here. This was my all-time favorite class to come to," said student David Biggs.

"Stuff got thrown at him and he didn't stop, he just kept on going," said student Christopher Anthony.

Jones, a type-1 diabetic, suffered a setback with his health that kept him out of his beloved class. 

"I developed a Charcot foot in this foot and had to have that foot amputated," said Jones.

When he became wheelchair bound, it was the students and staff that lifted him up.

"I would be sitting at home trying to get healed and starting to get a little depressed and a little, maybe a little despair and sure enough there would be a card coming in from somebody from here," said Jones.

"He called me over the summer and asked if he still had a job and I said you never lost it," said Principal Douglas Keimig.

His students understand obstacles. 

"Our school is for sensory social behavioral and just different disabilities," explained Keimig.

He's showing them how to overcome them. 

"Really giving, good at advice, if you need someone, if you're having a bad day, you can talk to him, he'll bring you right back up," said Biggs.

"Just be able to let water roll off your back," said Anthony.

He's showing them important lessons about moving forward.  

"Just do what you do and keep going," said Jones.