Pinto app seeks to simplify nutrition information

There are a lot of choices when it comes to diets. Now a new tool hopes to simplify that. It's a nutrition app called "Pinto."

"The Pinto app is a tool for consumers to use so that they know as much as possible about their food what they're eating," explained registered dietician, Sarah Krieger.

Sierra Ditto has been using the app for a specific diet. She chooses the heart-friendly option.  

"You can click on that and then it will monitor certain things that you should be watching on those types of diets," said Ditto.

You can scan your item or manually enter your food information. 

"A lot of the times, you have to input your own information which can turn off a lot of people to the app because it's not as user friendly," said Ditto. "Once you put the information in,  it's always there so that's one thing that's really nice".

Pinto will flag ingredients and let you know if you're staying on track.

"Say there's a food item you're eating and it's a little higher in saturated fat,  it will warn you, 'Hey you're going over your saturated fat limit for the day,'" said Ditto.

Because one diet does not fit all. 

"Anything where we can have more information about what we're eating as a tool that can be very helpful." said Krieger.

For more information, head to Pinto's website.