Pirates invade St. Joseph's Children's Hospital

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Pint-size pirates took a journey to spread joy, and invaded a local hospital to bring smiles and beads. 

Excited staff lined the halls of St. Joseph's Children's Hospital to catch beads from some unlikey pirates.

Pediatric patients and local Gasparilla krewe members joined forces to throw out beads along the hospital parade route.

"Its awesome," Trace Crip, a member of Krewe Of Rumrunners said.  "I don't know how to say it any other way. It really makes my day, it makes my week, it it makes my month."

This is an opportunity for kids who missed the Gasparilla Parade to experience the fun while recuperating in the hospital.

"All of our patients who get to participate really helps them to just kind of forget about being in a hospital for a little bit, gives them a chance just to be a normal kid for a while," said Karlyn Crawford, who works for St Joseph's Children Hospital.

Hospital beds were converted into parade floats. The  children and Nine Gasparilla Krewes shared their loot. Smiles lit up the hallways, from big kids to little.