Plane hits two cars in St. Pete crash-landing

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Emergency crews are still on scene after a small plane was forced to crash land right in the middle of 18th Avenue South and 14th Street South in St. Petersburg Wednesday afternoon.

The pilot was able to avoid hitting homes but did crash into two cars on his way down.

Witnesses credit the pilot for limiting the damage and potential loss of life following the emergency.

Surveillance video from a convenience store showed the small twin-engine plane coming out of nowhere then skidding into two cars.

One of the vehicles was driven by a grandmother in her 60's and we're told her two-year-old grandson was also in the car.

The woman’s husband, Way Williams, says his wife had little time to react.

“He kept on saying grandma airplane, grandma airplane and by the time she realized the plane was coming down it was too,” said Williams.

St. Petersburg Fire Rescue officials say the plane was headed to Albert Whitted Airport.

The plane is registered to a company out of South Florida and may have been coming from Tallahassee according to flight plans.

The names and ages of the two people onboard the Cessna have not been released. After crashing the plane did catch fire briefly, but no one in the plane or on the ground was seriously injured.

“This is a weird day for our whole family because this the day my son got killed, this the day my mother died, and then this is the day she almost died,” said Williams.