Plans taking shape to revitalize Sarasota waterfront

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The Bay Sarasota revealed its final renderings of the master plan to revitalize 50 acres of city-owned property.

"This is the community’s project," said Bill Waddill, director of The Bay Sarasota, the organization the city has hired to design the new bay front.

Waddill said more than 40,000 people who live, work, or visit the area have participated in surveys and public workshops to share their input.

After months of meetings and studies, The Bay Sarasota has put together the final renderings it plans to present to the city commission in September.

"Overwhelmingly what we’ve heard from the community is that they want better access to the bay front," said Waddill. "They want to have incredible access to the cultural arts."

The massive project will be an entertainment corridor, including a performing arts center, boardwalks, restaurants, parks, and a boating dock that breaks the mold.

Project developers estimate it will cost between $100 million to $150 million. They said it would be paid through a mixture of private, public, and philanthropic funding sources.