Police: Mom used kids to help her shoplift

Clearwater police said 28-year-old Gabriela Perez-Chavez's Target run wasn't your usual back-to-school shopping trip. 

"She's just going about picking out items like she's on a regular shopping trip," said Rob Shaw. 

Police said she used her children, ages 3 and 7, to help her shoplift. 

"At some point, she goes to another part of the store. Hiding some items in the backpacks and under the stroller. She's just using them, 100 percent, for them to carry out her crime," said Shaw. 

When she left Target, Clearwater police were waiting. Inside those backpacks and stroller, officers found $500 worth of stolen goods. 

"There were a lot of clothes, school supplies items, stuffed animals, a variety of things," said Shaw. 

Perez-Chavez was taken to jail. Her children went home with a relative. Parents going back-to-school shopping can't understand why anyone would use their own children to commit a crime. 

"That's not an example to teach anybody," said one parent named Shelly. 

Perez-Chavez appeared in court. A judge set her bond at $2,000. She's also on an immigration hold.  Her decision has many shaking their heads in disbelief. 

"For people to do that is just not teaching our world anything," said a parent.