Police: Raging drivers crash into Seminole Heights home

Police say it started as a car chase between two angry drivers and ended with one car crashing into a house in Seminole Heights.

Tampa police say the driver tried to make a run for it but eventually got caught.

The homeowner is stuck with a busted column, cracked porch, and a totaled truck.

Neighbors who saw it all unfold say they cringed when they heard the cars speeding down their street, and then they braced for impact. They say the crash was unbelievable.

“I was checking the mail and then I heard a screech and I’m like, ‘Huh?’ It was like slow motion at first,” neighbor Shaina Piere said. “With a screech that long and loud I knew I was going to hear impact.”

Police think it started on Interstate 275. They say two drivers got into it after one thought the other had side-swiped them.

A desperate attempt to get the others’ license plate number turned into a chase that reached dangerously-high speeds.

Residents who saw it happen say the drivers had passengers with them. There was a baby in a car seat in one of the cars.

“I heard a baby scream and I ran over there and I called 911… my heart was just pounding I was just more scared for the baby,” Piere said.

Police say a few minor injuries were treated at the scene.

Police say both drivers are facing charges for reckless driving.

The driver that crashed into the home and tried to run away is facing hit-and-run with damage to property.