Police search for burglary suspect caught on camera

Detectives are searching for a man who stole several items from a Tampa home on Saturday, and it was all caught on a home surveillance camera system.

Ron Glass lives in the home on West Sewaha Street with his three sons, he said it didn't take long to realize something was wrong.

"I noticed as soon as I came into the house, that it was broken into. Some of the drawers from our little cabinet from the entrance of the house were removed, some of the stuff was on the ground and at that point I just stopped and told the boys to get out of the house."

Glass says he left the front door unlocked when he left to visit his mother, something he says he normally doesn't do.

“It was just accidental,” Glass said.

An accident that cost Glass a gun, a laptop, and a drone.

Now Glass is hoping his home surveillance system, which includes two interior cameras, will help police find the suspect.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Tampa Police Department.