Police search for gunman after college student shot and killed in Tampa

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The gunman who killed an 18-year-old college student during a party in Tampa over the weekend is still on the loose and police are looking for witnesses.

Investigators said Takiya Fullwood, a Florida Atlantic University student, was back home in Tampa and partying with friends in the 3700 block of North 50th Street near Seminole Heights. An argument broke out and someone opened fire, hitting and killing Takiya.

"I don't know what her involvement was, if she had any involvement whatsoever in the dispute, but somehow there was some gunfire and she was hit," said Steve Hegarty, a spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department.

Police described the party as a "pop-up" or "block" party, and neighbors said there was a large crowd and about 80 cars packing the street.

Investigators aren't sure what the argument was about or how it escalated; they're looking at cell phone video to see if they can find any clues.

"It's very sad. It's a very tragic thing that happened," said Horace Whittington, a neighbor who was lived in that community his whole life. "[I had] a sad reaction and, as a community, we have to stick together and try to do better instead of coming up with deaths at moments like this."

"It's sickening. My heart just went all out to her. And I just prayed that her soul went to heaven," added Horace Whittington's wife, Shelley.

Investigators are asking anyone with information or cell phone video to contact Tampa Police or Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay.