Police seek package thief in St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg police say there's a grinch on the loose stealing packages off people's front porches.

Police are looking for a man who was caught on video stealing packages and they say he's hit twice so far. The first time was in the 4500 block of 3rd Ave. N.  and the second one was reported on 26th Ave. N., both in St. Pete.

The surveillance video shows the man pulling up in a red 90s Buick LeSabre. He looks around, walks up to the front of the house, and walks back toward the car. After a vehicle passes by the house, he runs up, grabs packages, gets back into the passenger side of the car and the car drives off.

Police are asking anyone with information to text "SPPD" and your tip to 847-411 (TIP-411).

In the meantime, police are offering these tips to help prevent your packages from being stolen:

  • Have your delivery personalized. Both US and USPS allow special delivery instructions. You can ask delivery personnel to leave packages between your screen and main door or leave it on your back porch instead of out front. The post office will also hold mail for pickup at the store.
  • Have your packages delivered to a relative or neighbor who's home during the day.