Political rivals brawl on live TV show

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The political news after the U.S. election might have some shaking their head. But maybe this story from the country of Georgia will provide us with some perspective.

A brawl broke out on a live television show between political rivals.

Badri Shubladze is a member of the United National Movement, and Tristan Tsitelashvili is a part of the ruling Georgian Dream Party.

Even if you don’t understand the language being spoke, it’s easy to tell the two are not in agreement in the split-screen video from the show. As tension rises, one of the men pushes back from the table where they sit, separated by the show’s host, and begins to charge at the other.

The host attempts to keep the two men separated, but is unsuccessful as one man charges, head-first at the other.

The two were fighting over the appointment of a new deputy head of the defense and security committee. The man appointed served 16 years in prison for leading a mutiny in Georgia's Kodori region.

Shubladze said he considers the move a threat to Georgia's security. But the heated words turn to flying fists when Shubladze accused Tsitelashvili of betraying his country.