Polk County kindergartner saves unconscious substitute teacher

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For many kids, their teachers are their first heroes.

For a substitute teacher in Polk County, a kindergartner became hers.

Mrs. Joyce Darr was filling in at Frostproof Elementary School when she took a fall and hit her head.

“One of the kids bumped into her, and she’s 67 years old, she lost her balance, and she fell over and cracked her head,” Darr's son, Derek said.

Mrs. Darr suffered a serious head injury and lost consciousness. Seemingly stunned, the classroom of kindergartners froze - except for 6-year-old Max Aguilar. 

Max immediately ran to a nearby classroom to get help. 

Mrs. Darr had to be airlifted to the hospital, where she remained on life support for 12 days. 

Derek Darr says his mom had a cracked skull and a brain bleed. Thankfully, after almost two weeks in the hospital, she regained consciousness. 

“It’s a miracle, and if it wasn’t for Max she’d be dead, no doubt about it,” said Darr.

Derek Darr wanted to thank Max for his quick thinking and heroic actions, so he gave the 6-year-old something every 6-year-old would love to have -- a new pair of Jordan sneakers. 

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office also awarded Max with a Good Citizen Award.

But Max's mom Monica Aguilar, said she is not surprised at all. She is, however, very proud.

“He’s my little hero,” she said.