Polk man arrested after shooting spree

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A Polk County man was arrested over the weekend after going on, what Polk County deputies described as a shooting spree that put a lot of lives in danger.

According to Sheriff Grady Judd, Thomas Vice, 24, was angry and armed Sunday and headed to his ex-girlfriend's house to shoot it up.

"He's upset because his girlfriend, who he dated for a few months, broke up with him," the sheriff told FOX 13.

As Vice headed down U.S. 98 South in Lakeland, deputies said he began tailgating another driver who flipped off Vice.

Judd said when the two drivers were stopped next to one another at the intersection of Highway 540, Vice was overcome with road rage.

"As they progress to the next stoplight, Thomas Vice is pointing a gun at the other driver. The light turns green and he starts shooting at our victim several times, fortunately missing the victim and his wife," Judd said.

Investigators said, about 30 minutes later, Vice showed up at his ex-girlfriend's house in the Kathleen neighborhood and opened fire.

There were two small children and two adults in the home; one of the adults was hurt but is going to be okay.

Judd said the victim in the road rage incident had already called 911 so deputies were looking for the silver Hyundai hatchback that Vice was driving.

He was pulled over and deputies found a loaded revolver, shotgun and spent shell casings in the vehicle. Investigators also found a mask that, according to a witness, the shooter was seen wearing.

Vice denied the accusations, the sheriff said.

"Huh, that's suspicious. You weren't there, but your car was there? The mask in the back seat of your car was there, the handgun was there and the shotgun was there?" Judd said.

Vice is facing several charges including attempted murder.