Poll workers prepare for Tuesday's primary election

Hillsborough County elections officials distributed equipment to poll workers this weekend so they can set up at 270 locations around the county for Tuesday's Primary.

"We plan, we prepare, we train," said Hillsborough County Elections Supervisor Craig Latimer.

Around 3,000 poll workers will watch more than 1,200 polling books at 270 voting sites. So far, 13.9 percent of eligible voters have voted early or by mail. 

To compare, in 2014's primary, when Rick Scott and Charlie Crist won easily, total turnout was only 17 percent. 

"We are seeing a lot of enthusiasm out there," said Latimer.

To varying degrees, polls suggest Ron DeSantis and Gwen Graham are leading the Republican and Democratic primaries for the governor's race.

But the camps of Adam Putnam, Andrew Gillum, and Phil Levine insist polls don't have the answers and promise they're well within striking distance. 

Graham surrogate, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn courted media coverage Saturday.

"You have to put your best candidate out there that can compete in a state that is clearly purple," said Buckhorn.

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Gillum's camp is promising a late grassroots surge will shock the Democratic establishment, which has largely lined up behind Graham, who has led most polls.

Gillum campaigned in Tampa Thursday.

"As I remind all of our supporters, the only polls that matter is the one on election day," said Gillum.

On the Republican side, Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis both expect to campaign in Tampa between now and Tuesday.

The last day of early voting is Sunday, August 26.

There is no in-person voting on Monday, so the machines can be ready for Tuesday.

Mail ballots have to be in supervisor of elections offices by Tuesday at 7 p.m. when counting starts.

Most election commissions do not recommend anyone mail a ballot at this point. Instead, bring it straight to an elections office.